About Cannon Ball Brands

Cannon Ball Brands is an entirely new kind of brand management agency. We believe to promote a brand you not only have to completely understand a brand from all angles but you have to be invested in it too. We specialize in working hand in hand with home goods brands that are ready to start, or make a fresh start, marketing their products online.

At Cannon Ball Brands we believe that to correctly launch a brand you need to walk in a brand's shoes… and we have. Part of our team of Cannon Ballers come directly from the furniture industry including manufacturing, wholesale and retail sales, logistics and inventory management. We know the value of quality and reputation as well as the value of the dollar and the need to stretch it far. These Cannon Ballers know firsthand who the customers are, what the market wants, business pitfalls, market trends, sales techniques, manufacturing process, logistics and beyond.

The rest of our ranks join us from fields like IT, web design, IN house SEO (yes this makes a difference), art development, and copywriting. These Cannon Ballers didn't learn from agencies accustomed to burning through other people's money, instead they honed their skills working in house on shoe string budgets to not only get the job done, but to make it a success.

Why do we think that you'll love our results? Because we've marched down the path and enjoyed the destination ourselves. In our combined experience have we hit it out of the park every time? Definitely not but our Cannon Ballers have learned from pitfalls in a way that traditional brand management agency people never experience…the hard way. Much like your first cannon ball plunge into the deep end of a pool, we learned to swim by actually doing it… not just talking about it.

Ready to test the waters online? Let us take your brand online for the first time seamlessly and successfully. Or perhaps your company has already stuck it's toes into the waters online but are only feeling chills? We'd not only like to show you just how warm the water truly are but to help you make a big splash.